tiapictureWelcome to my website!

This is a life + style blog; I write about food.  People.  Places. Pretty things.  And life.

My husband and I both work fulltime, raise our four children and toy with various entrepreneurial pursuits in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota where we enjoy the four seasons.  The beautiful parks.  Sampling all the food, glorious food, from the restaurant scene.  Life sometimes feels like a frenetic dance and that I’ve forgotten all the steps, but this blog helps me connect the dots of creativity, happiness, family, relationships, industry, introspection and focus.

Writing is a necessary form of expression for me.  As a kid and a teenager, I published a few poems and stories here and there. I have always kept a journal and have a box of musty floral-backed journals in the basement to prove it.  These days, everything, my journal included, is electronic; I do miss the thrill of selecting my next blank book and can be found lingering over these at Barnes and Noble, sighing with regret.

Most recently, I’ve been a contributor and a freelance writer of the lifestyle variety.  (You can check out my stuff in “Featured In.”)

I am always looking for networking and freelance opportunities, and so feel free to give me a holla’ if you would like to connect!  I can be reached at cherishlifestyle@gmail.com.






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