Midcentury Modern White Dresser

Another midcentury modern dresser we upcycled!

DSC_1189 (2)

This is definitely becoming our favorite style of furniture–and I especially love to dip the legs in gold.

DSC_1194 (2)

This time, we painted it white and finished it with a high gloss polyacrylic which won’t yellow over time as polyurethane tends to do.

DSC_1220 (2)

Maybe one reason I love these pieces, with their simple gold accents and sleek lines, is that they remind me of vintage Chanel.  Like this:

vintage chanel

Nothing competes–only compliments.

DSC_1202 (2)

The subtle, yet seductive curve of the top drawer:

DSC_1188 (2)

DSC_1232 (3)

I feel like these pieces can stand either alone–perhaps paired with one or two special art pieces.  I am currently on the look out for art and accessories that do not distract from the silhouette of midcentury modern.  I am struggling a little with this, but—well.  It’s a journey.

DSC_1212 (2) Simple. Sophisticated.  Understated elegance.



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